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Thanks to strong biometric authentication enabled by Keyble, your employees and customers will be able to easily and securely access payment, health monitoring, access control and identity management services developed directly by you or by partners in Flywallet's ecosystem.

Unlock the potential of your smart community and enhance your offering for employees and customers.

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The Flywallet platform is a unique ecosystem, connecting all the services you make available to employees and customers in their everyday life. Every service can be enabled through Keyble or the Flywallet app (SDK available) in a simple and secure way through user’s fingerprint and heartprint.

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Give your employees all they need to work safely and take care of their health and well-being, while increasing security and efficiency of your operations.

Flywallet solution - Keyble wearable, Flywallet app (SDK available) and platform - is the one-stop solution to enable truly connected workers.

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Offer to your customers new services, developed by you or partners in our network, transforming their experience while generating new revenue streams for your business.

  • Contactless and easy payments
  • Health conditions monitoring (medical grade)
  • Secure access to physical & digital spaces

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