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Connecting Payment, Health, Insurance, Mobility & Access services into a single ecosystem

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The Flywallet platform connects Payment, Health, Insurance, Mobility & Access services in one ecosystem thanks to a new generation of wearables - Keyble - and a companion app. This unique integration of lifestyle and health data allows Flywallet partners to develop new value-added services for every-day life & research in the medical field.


Enable secure digital and contactless payments for your customers and employees by simply integrating Keyble and Flywallet platform into your business.

Flywallet is already connected to 25 banks and payment institutions across 32 European nations, and provides the first wallet for biometric wearables enabled to tokenization of payment cards (Mastercard and Visa).


Thanks to Keyble and Flywallet platform, you can support your customers and employees in caring about their health & wellness.

Flywallet let the user monitor physical activities and health conditions, analyzing hearth rate & arrythmia, oxygen saturation (SpO2), blood pressure, respiratory rate and body temperature with medical grade.

Tickets & Loyalty

Keyble & Flywallet app allow users to securely store and easily retrieve events and mobility tickets and loyalty cards.

Integrating Flywallet platform allows:
  • Mobility companies to transform and fully digitize their customer experience
  • Every innovative company to set-up & manage engaging loyalty programs, also in co-promotion with other partners in Flywallet network


Keyble and Flywallet platform allow to easily manage access rights and let users authenticate securely and easily to access physical and digital spaces (buildings, mobile vehicles, websites).

Biometric secure enrollment through Flywallet app and a Zero Trust approach for authentication make Flywallet access system secure by design and the right solution even for the most sensitive contexts.

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