your wallet with your finger

One wearable for your payments, fidelity cards, badges, keys, passwords and your identity. All is protected by your fingerprint.


You can allow every operations with only a simple gesture. Put your finger on the fingerprint sensor of the wearable.


Thanks to the fingerprint sensor, the wearable can be used only by you.


The wearable uses Contactatless NFC technology for payments, ticketing and access to physical places.


The connection with the smartphone and PC it takes via Bluetooth.

with your fingerprint

Contactless Payments

Once unlocked with your fingerprint, just approach it to a POS for paying and you will never need to enter your PIN, for any amount.

Strong authentication

OTP token function for Online Banking and Password Manager.
The confirm of banking operations and web login is very simple, thanks to Bluetooth you don't need to copy codes or passwords.


You can use it for ticketing for public transport, just approach it to the turnstile.

Access to physical places

You can use it as a badge for accessing to the gym or office.


Long life battery

No network connection required


Choose your style

Loyalty Cards

Store your fidelity cards on the wearable and show them through the display when you need it.

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smart key

With the Smart Key function you will never looking for home or car keys inside your pocket and worry about remembering them.

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Thanks to future agreements with Public Administration it will be possible to store your IDs and when needed showing them just approaching the wearable to a terminal of a public officer.

Heartbeat & Vital Sign Monitoring



Maximum Security

Thanks to our innovative algorithm, after consent with the fingerprint, the wearable sends a disposable code to confirm the transaction.

For example, in Contactless payments it's likethere's a disposable card that it's activated only with your fingerprint.

Patent Pending Technology

App companion

Payments Cards

Pair your payment cards and your banking accounts to the device and choose with which pay directly on the wearable's display.

Money send

Send money to your friends and never spent hours to split the bill of a dinner. Just send all to one person and then pay directly to the POS restaurant.


All your points, cashback and fidelity cards available on app.

Expenditure Statistics

You can track your expenses easily and watch the statistics of the associated accounts.

Our team

Lorenzo Frollini

Founder, CEO & cto

Business & Product Development

Arianna L. Frollini


Art Director, Brand Identity

Matteo Egidi


Finance & Tax

Alessandro Massimiani


Development & Machine Learning

Pierpaolo Tascioni

Business analyst

Fabio Lagatta

Wearable engineer

Ely Rozenberg

Industrial Designer

Augusto Frollini

Banking advisor

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